Maui Skate Event, 1L Training, & #OneLoveToTheNations in Brazil


Maui Skate Event, 1L Training, & #OneLoveToTheNations in Brazil

This weekend is more #MauiSkateboardSeries action. #OneLoveSkate is privileged to help sponsor this event!

This weekend is more #MauiSkateboardSeries action. #OneLoveSkate is privileged to help sponsor this event!

Hope you are doing great today! We are thankful to have our new One Love Skate curriculum finished to help train people to #LiveOneLove in many communities. Contact us if you would like the password to check it out!

So thankful to finally have our Leader Training vids complete with 10 videos from 15 different leaders who #LiveOneLove.  Let us know  if you are interested in using this curriculum with your youth group, discipleship group, or just for your personal, spiritual enrichment!

So thankful to finally have our Leader Training vids complete with 10 videos from 15 different leaders who #LiveOneLove. Let us know if you are interested in using this curriculum with your youth group, discipleship group, or just for your personal, spiritual enrichment!

This past week, our friend Mark Langford just sent us the 1L video below that was on his computer from #OneLoveSkate action in Brazil several years ago. So thankful for Mark & Auburn & their example to other One Love Skate reps! This vid's worth a watch.

Live One Love (1 John 4:9),

p.s. One Love Decks are on sale for $44.99 at Lahaina Baptist Church in Maui and at Hope Community Church in Shelby, NC. Contact Caleb in Maui or Josh in NC to get a 1L Board.


New Happenings w/ #OneLoveSkate including a kinda-Crazy, little video :)


New Happenings w/ #OneLoveSkate including a kinda-Crazy, little video :)

So thankful to have a complete "One Love Skate Rep" Curriculum and discipleship process with 10 videos to help this ministry reproduce!

We've been posting 3 prayer requests every Monday, and we thank you for logging in and lifting us up! Check out yesterday's for details about recent 1L events in Maui and NC.

Here's a video we made yesterday for a 1L update. I know "it's a little crazy," but I'm thankful to enjoy the ride and share this update with you. Nicole said "it's just crazy enough." :) We are thankful for all we're learning during this season in NC and the clear ways God's hand is at work in Maui, Shelby, NC, and around the world. We're trusting Him as He guides us with some big changes that could happen in the next several months.

We have been challenged recently from a thought by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro in his book "The Irresistable Church" that the staff of Hope Community Church is reading through together. 

"People who live heart first overlook flaws and crooked teeth. They mentally and emotionally extend forgiveness to people who wrong them, even though that person may never actually come and ask for forgiveness. People who live heart first live with the freedom that comes from not holding a grudge. There's a lightness in their step, a spiritual buoyancy that comes from not carrying extra baggage" (Cordeiro, The Irresistible Church, 51).

May we live heart first as we enjoy the 1L of Jesus today!

Live One Love (1 John 4:9),


#OneLoveSkate trip to "The Way" & Kaden @kad3n_sk8 1L Edit


#OneLoveSkate trip to "The Way" & Kaden @kad3n_sk8 1L Edit

Super fun time w/@the_way_sk8 last night. Tag anyone you see. #stoked #Sightings #OneLoveSkate

A video posted by One Love Skate (@oneloveskateoutreach) on

Always a great time skating at The Way!

Check out @kad3n_sk8 killin' it at @the_way_sk8 w/ @cxxiiapparel @oneloveskateoutreach #OneLoveSkate

A video posted by One Love Skate (@oneloveskateoutreach) on


Josh & Nicole's 1L Year End Update | December 2016

Josh & Nicole's 1L Year End Update | December 2016

Click Video Below for a 2016 Update From Josh & Nic:

Aloha One Love Family & Friends,
Thank you for your support of this ministry with your prayers and finances! In 2016, God has provided finances, ramps, skateboards, office space, clothing, stickers, conversation cards, music, and people to rep the One Love of Jesus all over the world! We are so thankful to see #Sightings of His Hand at work this year.

This month, the federal government notified us that our "Arrow-up, Arrow-down, 1L Logo" is officially trademarked to our 501(c)(3), One Love Skate! We are thankful to have exclusive rights to this logo as we explain it's meaning: The 1L logo reminds us of the opportunity we have to receive the One Love of Jesus and be empowered to love God and love people.

Screen shot 2016-12-29 at 4.28.26 PM.png

We hope to see more skaters saved, baptized, and discipled to be One Love Skate Reps in 2017.


We have seen this happen in 2016, and nothing is more exciting to us than being able to help resource and equip people to do the ministry of One Love Skate in their communities!

If you can connect us with potential skate ministers in your community, please do!

This is a picture from our instagram with some Discipleship Guides that we printed out. Ministries can also print out these guides themselves via the link on our Leader Training of

This is a picture from our instagram with some Discipleship Guides that we printed out. Ministries can also print out these guides themselves via the link on our Leader Training of

We hope to see many youth groups and One Love Skate Reps use this curriculum for discipleship of all types of people--including skaters.

Feel free to share this "Intro 1L Core Values" video link below, and ask people to contact us if they are interested in utilizing this 1L discipleship process.

So thankful for the different ministers who are a part of these 10 Core Values videos for our Leader Training including VanMichael Komatsu, Jay Wright, Neil Perry, Jonathan Glisson, Spencer Kim, Auburn Flores, Mark Langford, Sam Peralta, Kenny Hall, Nick Tanaka, & Kaipo Thomas.

Thanks for all the ways you help support this ministry!

If you watched our Update Video, you saw that we hope to raise another $2500 by the end of 2016 to finish the year fully-funded. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution and helping us reach our goal, you can use the button below to give or send a check in the mail: One Love Skate, PO Box 880988, Pukalani, HI 96788.


Please contact us if you would like more info about being on our monthly support team with your prayers and/or finances. Going in to 2017, we are at 80% of our monthly support with regular support from many individuals as well as the ministries of Hope Community Church, Putnam Baptist Church, Element Church, and the Maui County Baptist Association.

We are so thankful for all the ways God has worked and is continuing to work through One Love Skate, and we praise God for the joy He provides as we follow Him in this full-time calling. In about the middle of 2016, we started updating "Specific Prayer Requests" on Mondays with 3 prayer requests, and if you would like the password to support us with prayers in 2017, just ask! Thanks!

Live One Love (1 John 4:9),
Josh, Nicole, Caleb, Paul, & Silas

Stay tuned for a blog from Sam P soon! Check out his recent blogs on below.

Stay tuned for a blog from Sam P soon!
Check out his recent blogs on below.

Caleb Wright - Repping One Love with Lahaina Baptist in Maui

Caleb Wright - Repping One Love with Lahaina Baptist in Maui

One Love Lahaina

This is Caleb Wright from One Love Lahaina. We are very similar to our brothers in NC. Wednesday’s we have a free skate over at the amazing Lahaina Skate park. After some fun skating everyone heads across the street to the awesome One Love room we have at Lahaina Baptist Church.

Our Official One Love Lahaina mascot "Alfred"

Our Official One Love Lahaina mascot "Alfred"

Here we enjoy some time of fellowship and diving into God’s word. Our efforts are to reaching youth at the skate park, and around Lahaina.

We do many skate days, but also since we are blessed to live on this beautiful Island we take many surf trips together as well. Pastor Jay from Lahaina Baptist Church says “Our goal is to reach the lost kids in and around the Skate scene.” It really is as simple as that.

God has called us to make disciples and we saw that not many people were going into the skate parks, so that is where you will find us.

One Love in Lahaina is here to Share God’s Love, Teach the youth about who he is, and Develop relationships with them that last a lifetime.

Keep us in your prayers as we seek to live One Love. 



Caleb Wright, One Love Lahaina

You're invited December 17 | Kihei Skatepark | Sam Peralta Skate Update

You're invited December 17 | Kihei Skatepark | Sam Peralta Skate Update

Join us December 17 for another fun event with the County of Maui. 9:00am-12:00pm at Kalama Skatepark!

Update from Sam P:
This term I have been going out to skateboard at least once every other week.  My body is heavier.  But for some reason it gives me more incentive to land tricks because if I fall it will hurt more.  

I can’t believe how much over the years this ministry [One Love Skate] has grown.  It is such a radical thing to be a part of with Josh M. and I know the influence has been major.  

  Cool update is now we have a merchandise page on the website where you can directly support the ministry by buying some One Love gear.  

  I have been doing skate lessons at Hale Makana once a week and the kids are loving it.  My passion for skate coaching has been reignited and my heart to share skateboarding with the Nations has been reimagined.  

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.16.47 PM.png

  I was talking with one of my friends from “Moke Life” and we came up with an idea to ask fellow skateboarders to donate their used parts so I can take them on my missions trips.  So with that in mind I have been working on projects to accumulate skate resources and teaming up with developing countries strategies how we can use skateboarding to develop strong leaders.  

  This is my favorite project yet.  Some countries on the line up for this skate project include Burma, Australia, and DPRK.  So exciting things to come.  Would love to get some of our island skaters in these places so keep us in mind and will be putting some stuff out and ways you can support this cause.  

  In recent skate news here on Maui, I am doing our annual skate clinic day Dec 17 @ Kihei skatepark from 9am-12PM.  Past few years we have been giving away over $1,000 worth of skate things.  But not only that we have snacks, drinks, music, contests, and skate lessons by me.  

  So if you want to learn how to skate come for a visit and lets have some fun!

    Mahalo.  Thanks for reading and taking some time to catch up.  Looking forward to all the adventures this winter break and looking forward to the new year 2017!!!  Greater things are yet to come.    

  Just want to say thanks to the New Hope Maui team, One Eighty, Jarred, Josh M., and the UHMC campus team.  


Auburn Flores | #OneLoveSkate | Laramie, WY


Auburn Flores | #OneLoveSkate | Laramie, WY

Hello everyone,
My name is Auburn Flores and I am a 1L skate pastor in Wyoming/Colorado. Mark Langford and I were the former skate pastors with Josh Marburger and Sam Peralta at Maui's Keopuolani skate park.

As you all know from posts and pictures I have been attending school at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. My goal with school is to obtain a Business Marketing degree and use it for nonprofits such as 1L. At first there was some struggles with the transition from Hawaii to Wyoming. It was difficult going from having such great resources like Mark, Josh, and Sam to help run and do things. Though through it all, God's calling is much greater.

During these past two years I have gotten involved with a local community group called the Friends of Laramie Skatepark. Through this skateboard community we seek to help kids develop their skill and desire for skateboarding. We meet every 1st Saturday of each month and host a Learn to Skate day. I have gotten to grow and build relationships with the Friends of Laramie skatepark group leaders. As well, as tons of local skateboarders in this area. This has really amplified my exposure to most of the skateboarders in the community. Over these past two years I would say I have consistently gone and built many relationships from all age levels. This has helped with sharing my love and passion for skateboarding along with my super passion and love for Christ.

I meet with 3 or 4 local skaters a few times a week to skateboard. During this time, I let the Holy Spirit use me to introduce the love of Jesus to them and explain who he is. Also, I find it important to help encourage them, and just simply love on them. Not everyone has been as receptive and accepting to the gospel but I have been seeing so much change in both the younger and older skaters. The attitudes have been going from super negative to a more positive vibe. There is a lot of poverty and broken families in this area so the more love they are receiving the more their hearts will soften up. In time, my goal with 1L in Wyoming and Colorado is to disciple some more skate pastors, share more about who Jesus is, get a regular bible study together and share about becoming involved with 1L skate outreach.

Last but not least, I want to quickly share about the skateboard contest that 1L help support. We recently hosted a skateboard comp Sept. 24th at the Laramie skatepark to help raise money for new features at the park.

We have raised over half of our  goal which is perfect for when we need the material in the summer of 2017. This project is for placing in a full pipe that was donated from the city and to help with more park expansions such as quarter pipes and street obstacles.

The love and support from OneLoveSkate Outreach has been phenomenal and has truly blessed us. It is bringing light to our skatepark and it is bringing local skateboarders together. I know in time God's plan for this park will grow over the skateboarders and more people can be exposed to the true 1L. Here are some prayer requests over this community. The idea of hosting bible studies, finding disciples, providing materials and funds for the expansion of our park, and for guidance, obedience and wisdom for me.

Thank you 1L,
Auburn Flores
Laramie Skate Pastor
#liveonelove #oneloveskate

We are stoked to be seeing "One Love Skate Reps" trainined through our 1L Discipleship Training.pdf. Like Auburn, we want to see more people rep the One Love of Jesus in their communities! Contact us if you know skaters that desire discipleship, and thanks for supporting our mission.


1L Update from Sam P. w/ @_ForTheTable & Ravi Zacharias Event

1L Update from Sam P. w/ @_ForTheTable & Ravi Zacharias Event

  Aloha One Love Skate Family.  Im just so excited to see how God is moving through the ministry here at One Love throughout the world.

  Today I want to introduce you to our "For The Table" platform where we get to have discussions about life, meaning, and purpose at University of Hawaii Maui campus.  

Every Tuesday we get to talk to the college campus students about their beliefs about God, struggles, and identity.  We also get donations from the local grocery store where they provided a heap of baked goods for the students, as well as Wailuku Coffee Company donates Coffee for the whole campus every week!  

  We get to serve close to 100 people every Tuesday.  

We usually have an amazing core crew who comes by our table to catch up on life, have a fun chat, and for prayer.  

  Jared from "Aloha Ke Akua" clothing comes by and offers free stickers and a smile which makes the table extra special.  New Hope Maui crew is also there to provide extra spiritual support.  

  My favorite story is being able to practical meet the needs of the administration and faculty by providing student based community that is authentic and in the best interest of the school goals.  

  I have meet so many administrators, teachers, and staff members who are so grateful to have students on campus representing their faith and passion to preach the good word.  

  I personally have met so many new friends from this ministry and continue to do so  every time I show up.  That is my favorite part, being able to build community and represent God in a culturally sensitive and relevant way.  

  Next month from November 14-18 we are bringing the Ravi Zaharias International Team for a week of discussion and free lunch on campus.  I am so excited to see how things turn out and how many more opportunities will arise out of it.

  Please be praying for that week as we work with RZIM at UHMC and make it a powerful event.  

  Also please be in consideration for I am thinking about doing another trip to DPRK/ North Korea in February for a first ever snowboarding trip.  We will be sharing the sport of snowboarding to the country and I am hoping to go.  

  It is one of the more expensive tips that I do, so would like for you to think on supporting me on that one.  :)

  Thank you One Love family and I hope you get to experience the love of God everyday as it overflows in you and onto others.  
  I am so privileged to be a part of a bigger family overseas and excited with all the updates going on there in North Carolina.  Hope to see you guys soon, and hoping to visit!
-Sam P. 

Sam Peralta One Love Update

Sam Peralta One Love Update

Thanks To Maui Skateboard Series for putting on another radical event for the skate boarders of Maui.  A few weeks ago the M.S.S. team arranged a portable ramp skate jam and best trick contests in tribute for the new skate park being built in Kula.  

(Braden B. f/s board)

(Braden B. f/s board)

Everyone is excited for this new skate park which rumors say it should be done in a year or so.  

It was a beautiful Maui scenic day and there was an amazing crew of families and upcoming Maui skaters having a blast.  The M.S.S. team did a great job with the arrangements of the ramps, providing snacks, pizza, and drinks, also setting the atmosphere and keeping the skaters hyped.

Not only where there the local skate groms and highly supportive parents on scene, the Keopulani locals arrived on scene as well with all of their skate boarding maneuvers.

(Braden B. b/s blunt slide)

(Braden B. b/s blunt slide)

(melon grab)

(melon grab)

What I loved about this even the most it was the right amount of competitiveness with the perfect amount of fun and enjoyment.  No one was over aggressive and it truly felt like a Maui Ohana of skaters. 

  There was 3 divisions of “best trick” contests.  The 8 and under, 8-15, and then the older kids.  They had three skaters at a time go for about 2 minutes for the best trick and then ultimately until each division had the top 3 compete for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. 

  There was over 100+ people who came out.  And tons of prizes from Aloha skateboards, Maui groms, Hi-tech, Maui County, and One Love Skate.  Also thanks to all the countless sponsors I forgot.

(the Maui Skate Series team)

(the Maui Skate Series team)

  It was amazing to see the upcoming skaters of Maui is going strong and would love to see us (One Love Skate) being able to encourage and cultivate the skate scene on Maui and be a major influence in the lives of the skate culture here on the island.  It seems that more families are involved with the skate scene here and it is so encouraging to see such support. 

  I feel as we continue to share life with each other through skateboarding, hopefully curiosity for eternity and the love of God can be shared through conversations, acts of kindness, and just being passionate about the gifts and talents given to us. 

I believe in One Love Skate ministry a lot because its not a program or a kind of way to make people do something, it is simply people wanting to proclaim the good news of God that He is the true source of love. 

  Growing up on Maui I’ve seen many people come and go but the one thing that remains the same is the love of God and His reflection in the people here on the island.  

(xander: nose grind)

(xander: nose grind)

I was actually able to join the best trick contest, which I haven’t really done a contest for at least 7 years.  It made me realize how much fun skating with your friends and challenging yourself is.  So keep challenging yourself and have fun!

Aloha ke Akua!

-Sam P. 

check out:

Josh & Nic's September Mission Update

Josh & Nic's September Mission Update

Here's a Link To Josh & Nicole's September Newsletter

Check out Josh & Nic's latest newsletter, & join them in the mission to live #1L: #ChurchPleasePray #LiveOneLove


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One Love Skate in Honduras by Sam Peralta

One Love Skate in Honduras by Sam Peralta

This past summer I was able to go to a missions trip to Tegucigalpa in Honduras.  It was such a radical experience meeting and seeing people from that country and the lifestyle people live there. 

  People were so generous with what they had and also were very curious about the deeper things of God.  Most of the people we came across were so open and willing for God to move and transform their current situations. 

  The team was composed of 4 others and we each had interpreters which made going to places and saying things a lot easier. 

I took my skateboard on this trip not knowing what to expect but what came out of it was some very power ministry times.  

  First of all the people were so beautiful.  And I could believe I was skating through the streets of TGU.  I felt like a kid exploring the city and thanked God for all the tricks I landed without falling in public.  I think it made me look cooler to the by standers which made conversations with them easier.  

  One story from skating the streets of Honduras was we met these two skater guys making crystal bracelets and necklaces.  We told them they should take a break and play a game of skate with me.  So they did.  One had really cool dreads and the other guy had a very stylish tye die tee.  

  We played a game of skate for like an hour and it was a blast!  

As we were skating, the girls on my team got to minister to the skater guys girlfriends and pray for them.  It was so cool how that appointment was made because its not like we were looking for people to talk with, but God brought to us.  

  Another Story from this trip that was absolutely over the top was when we went into like 2 public schools in a row.  In each of the schools we got to share our story, the gospel, and all about Hawaii and whats it like to live there.  In one of the class rooms were were able to pray and prophesy over the entire class.  Doing that took too long so we couldn’t pray over the other classes but we had a blast!  

We then went into another school to run a school assembly.  I was not ready for it but all of a sudden I had a crowd of like 500+ students.  

  I was able to do some skate board lessons, jump over some kids, and do a some tricks.  Again, thank God cause I landed all of my tough tricks without falling, and most of it first try.  So nerve racking.  

We also did some skate races and games and the whole school was amped. 

After I was done doing my thing.  I got to encourage the school to live as children of God rather than orphans.  Amy also solidified that point as well as Susan.  It was unreal.  I was so blown away by that experience.  

  Well that's all I have for now.  Honduras has my heart and I hope to go there again.  We really showed the one love of God and skateboarding.  Hopefully next time you can join us!  

- Sam P

#1LValues & Prayer Guide

#1LValues & Prayer Guide

Thanks for partnering with us through your prayers!!!

Thanks for partnering with us through your prayers!!!

What's up livers of the One Love (1L)?!

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       So thankful to see One Love Skate rolling more lately! In last day, 1L received #OneLoveSkate #sightings pics from people who are members at Putnam Baptist Church & Hope Community Church in Shelby, NC while they were in Washington, DC and Myrtle Beach, SC. Thankful to see people with #Vision to have #1L Conversations! Thanks Joey & Pam. :) Check out Facebook and Instagram to see more of what's been happening. Thanks Chase & Alyssa for helping us manage our 1L social media accounts!!! Also, special thanks to Jenny Huffman for all the videos lately, and this #sightings video you put together all on your own! :)

Within the last hour, I received a text from Rickey, who Directs camps at Garden City Chapel in South Carolina. Rickey hung a 1L Deck in "The Sea Shack" where lots of students can see it. He told his staff about the message of the board so they can engage in conversations with others about the 1L of Jesus!

Partnerships with Hope Community Church, Lahaina Baptist Church, Amplify Student Ministries, Putnam Baptist Church, and more people and churches are some of what we are celebrating lately.  Thankful to hear stories often of ways God is using 1L.

@The_Kenny_Hall sharing about the #1L of Jesus at Youth Camp last week. 

@The_Kenny_Hall sharing about the #1L of Jesus at Youth Camp last week. 

WarehouseReach  partnership with 1L went fantastic 6/8 and 7/6,  and we're looking forward to 7/20!

WarehouseReach partnership with 1L went fantastic 6/8 and 7/6, and we're looking forward to 7/20!

4 Salvations, discipleship, and a call to ministry lately are some fruit we've seen in the last month along with great turnouts at our regular Wednesday night meetings times and a great couple days so far of #1LConvos with Warehouse247's youth. The last Wednesday of this month, we're doing a day of #1LConvos with Radi8 youth too.

Please be praying for our curriculum. You may have seen posts from the 1L event at Vision Church in Gastonia. They have asked us to make a 1L Curriculum for their youth, and we are developing one for them as well as to train our skate ministers all around the world. As these are completed, they will be posted to our youtube page This is the intro video with these 10 Values.

Please be praying for this 1L curriculum based on these values. I've asked 9 others to partner with us #ShoulderToShoulder and record 1 values each. Here's an intro vid to these 10 Values:

Lahaina Baptist Church continues to host "One Love Skate" on Wednesdays as well at the skatepark close to their church. Their 1L room is looking great, and hopefully you will hear more from them soon. Also, Sam P has been doing some awesome mission work lately. Hopefully, you'll hear from him soon too.


August 14, Josh has been invited to preach the 9:30am & 11am services at Putnam Baptist, and we're hoping God uses it like this message Josh & Nicole tag-teamed at Element Church. 

So much has been happening lately that 1 Corinthians 4:20 continues to reveal itself to be true. 

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer! Today is Tuesday, so we've been praying and working on leadership training and discipleship. #ChurchPleasePray joining us on our mission as we all live the One Love of Jesus!!!

Recent 1L action

We had a great time at Vision Church last Sunday night in Gastonia, fun with a couple in ministry from Louisiana at Ridgecrest, #OneLoveSkate at Hope Community Church has been going great, and the partnership with Putnam Baptist's youth is off to a great start after taking 21 people out in 1L squads to have conversations about Jesus yesterday.

1L In Northern Ireland with the_kenny_hall

1L In Northern Ireland with the_kenny_hall

Kenny Hall is The Youth Pastor at Hope Community Church, where he leads Radi8 Student Ministries. Each week at 5pm, we have One Love Skate in the parking lot at Hope Community Church, and we have been working with Kenny and the team at HCC to reach the 310 households within a quarter mile radius of the church building.

On May 16, you may have seen the above post about someone sharing a #1L #ConvoCard in London. Well, now we are privileged to have a guest blog from Kenny Hall with stories from his travels. Kenny took the One Love of Jesus with him in London and Northern Ireland, and we hope this will motivate many to have conversations about the 1L of Jesus with those around them wherever they are. Enjoy:

     Last week I took a vacation to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was born in Northern Ireland and had not been back in 20 years to the month. During my flight from Charlotte to London, I sat next to an older lady named Grace. Ms. Grace had an interesting perspective on science and Native American religion. She believed in one God but that all religions were basically the same. I asked her about Jesus but she just acknowledged Him merely as a good man that she would see in heaven one day. She talked about how Jesus shared the same message as Buddha and Muhammad that highlighted the goodness of man and good will. However, I tried to explain that Jesus did not, in any way, highlight the goodness of man, but our need for a Savior.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland

     I was able to give her a One Love connection card with 1 John 4:9 and continue to pray that she would look at the Truth on that card and come to know her Savior that loves her beyond measure.

     During my first night in Belfast, I was able to have many conversations with various people while I was wearing my One Love hat. Whenever I was asked what I did, I was able to tell them that I was a pastor from America and was able to point to the One Love hat and talk about the One Love of Jesus. The message was so crucial to the religious-torn country of Northern Ireland. The battle between Catholics and Protestants has been going on for generations. Their religious views have everything to do with politics, borders, and the families that they grew up in.

     I was able to have a good conversation with a Catholic man named John. I shared my perspective from being born in Ulster (Northern Ireland), raised American, but was a Irish Republican citizen. I told him how I saw the country torn in two by religion, traditions, customs, politics, and bad blood. Classic Jew vs. Samaritan situation. But I was able to share that if both sides would realize the One Love of Jesus and shifted their focus off of their religion and politics and put their focus solely on the person of Jesus, everything would change and we would see peace and revival in Northern Ireland. I wasn't sure how John was going to respond, but he gave me a big hug and thanked me for saying that. There is no limit in the power of the One Love of Jesus! 

- Kenny Hall

New 1L Products & Financial Update

New 1L Products & Financial Update

Thanks for these great pics Elijah & Caleb Wright! Also, thanks  Lahaina Baptist  for helping us distribute One Love Skate products!!!

Thanks for these great pics Elijah & Caleb Wright! Also, thanks Lahaina Baptist for helping us distribute One Love Skate products!!!

Josh & Nicole and their two boys (baby 3 is on the way) made a big move from Hawaii to North Carolina in December to get One Love Skate rolling more. Nicole recently had a great trip to Hawaii that included sharing One Love through speaking engagements on Oahu with the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, and Maui by speaking at Lahaina Baptist Church, Pukalani Baptist Church, & UNASHAMED at Waipuna Chapel. Josh & Nic are greatly enjoying many recent ministry opportunities at Hope Community Church and Putnam Baptist Church. 

#Stoked to see 1L growing & the message going more. #LiveOneLove #sightings #WorldHeadquarters #oneloveskate

A video posted by One Love Skate (@oneloveskateoutreach) on


 Here's an update about some new One Love products as well as a financial update.

 We are thankful to see the ministry of 1L growing as the message is going! #sightings

Blazer Surf & Skate  in Greenville, South Carolina has decks, stickers, & hats. 

Blazer Surf & Skate in Greenville, South Carolina has decks, stickers, & hats. 

Amplify Student ministries  at Element church is another place to get 1L products. Go see Jeremy Jenkins!

Amplify Student ministries at Element church is another place to get 1L products. Go see Jeremy Jenkins!

Hi-Tech Surf & Skate  in Maui, Hawaii also carries One Love Skate t-shirts, hats, & stickers.

Hi-Tech Surf & Skate in Maui, Hawaii also carries One Love Skate t-shirts, hats, & stickers.

One Love Skate is a mission that is supported through donations and sales.

We received our tax-exempt status in December; the Board of Directors began paying Josh in February to do One Love Skate full-time (though it has been a big pay cut for Josh, it frees him to focus on this calling on his life); and recently we have attained some great financial help to make donations and sales faster and more efficient. 

Four big financial helps we are celebrating recently:
- An organization in North Carolina that does Tax Consulting, Accounting / Book-Keeping, Payroll, & Financial Counseling filed our 2015 Tax Forms. They are part of the National Association Of Enrolled Agents & National Association Of Tax Professionals, they showed us how to sell legally, and they are helping us with taxes and payroll.
- A Licensed CPA is volunteering her time to help us with book-keeping and finances.
- The "Donate" button on our website allows us to receive money efficiently, and lets us keep orderly records for paying taxes and completing all transactions legally.
- 75 of the 225 New 1L Decks we ordered in February came in a couple weeks ago, and selling these and other 1L products will help generate some revenue.

We are so thankful for everyone who contributes their time, skills, and finances to One Love Skate, and we are stoked to finally see One Love rolling more by letting people purchase products at HiTech, Blazer Skateshop, Lahaina Baptist, Element Church, and Hope Community Church. Hopefully, more places will start carrying One Love products soon as well!

Furthermore, the ability to receive donations through (instead of just checks to our PO Box) is a big help to "the rolling of 1L" as well! Please Contact Us if you have any questions about making a tax-deductible donation to One Love Skate. To operate One Love Skate, we have the goal of seeing $3,000 more per month regularly coming in. This is to do more than just support Josh & Nicole's ministry---An additional, regular $3,000 per month will help us resource and equip skate missionaries at more skateparks in Hawaii and around the world as well as developing more culture-shaping products to influence attitudes about the One Love of Jesus. 

Pastor Skip at  Hope Community Church  purchased 4 One Love Hats to give away the last 4 weeks as we skated on Wednesdays.  Pastor Skip also   recently let us record him in a 1 minute 24 second video  encouraging people to support One Love Skate.

Pastor Skip at Hope Community Church purchased 4 One Love Hats to give away the last 4 weeks as we skated on Wednesdays. Pastor Skip also recently let us record him in a 1 minute 24 second video encouraging people to support One Love Skate.

Coming Soon: In addition to One Love on Wednesday nights at Hope, we have three Youth speaking opportunities from now until June 5 that include Hope Community Church, Putnam Baptist Church and Vision Church. Also, this coming Saturday Josh is headed to Nashville, Tennessee to meet with the Extreme Tour guys about possibly partnering with One Love on their East Coast 2016 Tour from June 24-September 28.

Just today, we also finalized some details of a formal partnership with the youth of Putnam Baptist Church to do One Love interviews several different Wednesday's in the community this summer. Hopefully, you'll hear more about that in the near future! Thanks for covering all this in your prayers.

Please keep Sam Peralta in prayer as well as he prepares for an international trip to Honduras. #OneLoveToTheNations

Those of you who read this, thanks for staying updated with One Love Skate! Please help us spread the word about One Love Skate’s products & giving options. Thanks everyone who helps us #LiveOneLove and take the 1L of Jesus to the nations!


 Here's a 1L #Sightings in London for the road! :)

March 2016 Video Update from Josh & Nicole

Here's a video update shot in Shelby, NC. Hopefully, we'll have updates from Sam and others who rep One Love soon, but here are some details of what's been going on in Josh & Nicole's lives.

This March 2016 Update from North Carolina includes 3 new board designs and some recent One Love pictures. Jeff Marburger takes us through some of the amazing details of October 15 on location. =) Also, it features Josh & Nicole & several leaders of Hope Community Church describing some ways the tool of One Love Skate is being used recently.

Here's a link to the newspaper article about the details of October 15:

If you'd like to watch Josh & Nicole's message at Element Church on March 13 in Forest City, NC, click here (Nicole speaks at about 28 minutes and 30 seconds):

Visit for more info and to learn ways you can partner with One Love Skate, or contact josh through e-mail:

Thanks for checking this out, hope you enjoy living One Love today!

Old School Website

For the last couple weeks, we have been featuring our "throwback" website. Here's a screenshot of the old "resources" section if you missed it:

Nicole has been writing some updates recently, and here's her update from about a month ago:


Please be praying for 1L leaders around the world and our organization as a whole!


More updates coming soon!