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1L Reps: 10 #OneLoveSkate winners from instagram #sightings

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1L Reps: 10 #OneLoveSkate winners from instagram #sightings

Right on everyone who reps One Love!

We've been amazed at how cool the One Love conversations have been lately at skateparks, beaches, & lots of other places as well.

Also, We're stoked to have some new merch (though we can't sell anything yet) & we're encouraged by lots of #OneLoveSkate #sightings lately on instagram & facebook.

#Sightings Winners from #OneLoveSkate

Here are 10 winners & highlights from #OneLoveSkate #Sightings in the last couple weeks:


It's been a fun summer so far, & we're stoked for good stuff happening w/Sam P on July 26-August 11 in a secret spot. We'll have some PopUp 1L action randomly throughout the summer, but stay tuned for a  new 1L schedule in the Fall.


As One Love keeps evolving we're realizing some goals to help us be a positive presence in the skate community.

1.) The wording isn't set in stone, but a new 1L goal I have is to: "Lovingly give away as many responsibilities & resources as we possibly can in order to help as many people as possible live one love." 

2.) We're continuing to look for solid people to rep 1L at every skatepark in Maui and eventually every skatepark in the state. E-mail if you're interested in being equipped to #LiveOneLove w/One Love Skate.

Keep Living One Love!


p.s. Here's a #ThrowbackThursday vid from Lahaina 1L action a year ago. Enjoy:

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