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One Love Skate in Honduras by Sam Peralta

One Love Skate in Honduras by Sam Peralta

This past summer I was able to go to a missions trip to Tegucigalpa in Honduras.  It was such a radical experience meeting and seeing people from that country and the lifestyle people live there. 

  People were so generous with what they had and also were very curious about the deeper things of God.  Most of the people we came across were so open and willing for God to move and transform their current situations. 

  The team was composed of 4 others and we each had interpreters which made going to places and saying things a lot easier. 

I took my skateboard on this trip not knowing what to expect but what came out of it was some very power ministry times.  

  First of all the people were so beautiful.  And I could believe I was skating through the streets of TGU.  I felt like a kid exploring the city and thanked God for all the tricks I landed without falling in public.  I think it made me look cooler to the by standers which made conversations with them easier.  

  One story from skating the streets of Honduras was we met these two skater guys making crystal bracelets and necklaces.  We told them they should take a break and play a game of skate with me.  So they did.  One had really cool dreads and the other guy had a very stylish tye die tee.  

  We played a game of skate for like an hour and it was a blast!  

As we were skating, the girls on my team got to minister to the skater guys girlfriends and pray for them.  It was so cool how that appointment was made because its not like we were looking for people to talk with, but God brought to us.  

  Another Story from this trip that was absolutely over the top was when we went into like 2 public schools in a row.  In each of the schools we got to share our story, the gospel, and all about Hawaii and whats it like to live there.  In one of the class rooms were were able to pray and prophesy over the entire class.  Doing that took too long so we couldn’t pray over the other classes but we had a blast!  

We then went into another school to run a school assembly.  I was not ready for it but all of a sudden I had a crowd of like 500+ students.  

  I was able to do some skate board lessons, jump over some kids, and do a some tricks.  Again, thank God cause I landed all of my tough tricks without falling, and most of it first try.  So nerve racking.  

We also did some skate races and games and the whole school was amped. 

After I was done doing my thing.  I got to encourage the school to live as children of God rather than orphans.  Amy also solidified that point as well as Susan.  It was unreal.  I was so blown away by that experience.  

  Well that's all I have for now.  Honduras has my heart and I hope to go there again.  We really showed the one love of God and skateboarding.  Hopefully next time you can join us!  

- Sam P