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You're invited December 17 | Kihei Skatepark | Sam Peralta Skate Update

You're invited December 17 | Kihei Skatepark | Sam Peralta Skate Update

Join us December 17 for another fun event with the County of Maui. 9:00am-12:00pm at Kalama Skatepark!

Update from Sam P:
This term I have been going out to skateboard at least once every other week.  My body is heavier.  But for some reason it gives me more incentive to land tricks because if I fall it will hurt more.  

I can’t believe how much over the years this ministry [One Love Skate] has grown.  It is such a radical thing to be a part of with Josh M. and I know the influence has been major.  

  Cool update is now we have a merchandise page on the website where you can directly support the ministry by buying some One Love gear.  

  I have been doing skate lessons at Hale Makana once a week and the kids are loving it.  My passion for skate coaching has been reignited and my heart to share skateboarding with the Nations has been reimagined.  

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.16.47 PM.png

  I was talking with one of my friends from “Moke Life” and we came up with an idea to ask fellow skateboarders to donate their used parts so I can take them on my missions trips.  So with that in mind I have been working on projects to accumulate skate resources and teaming up with developing countries strategies how we can use skateboarding to develop strong leaders.  

  This is my favorite project yet.  Some countries on the line up for this skate project include Burma, Australia, and DPRK.  So exciting things to come.  Would love to get some of our island skaters in these places so keep us in mind and will be putting some stuff out and ways you can support this cause.  

  In recent skate news here on Maui, I am doing our annual skate clinic day Dec 17 @ Kihei skatepark from 9am-12PM.  Past few years we have been giving away over $1,000 worth of skate things.  But not only that we have snacks, drinks, music, contests, and skate lessons by me.  

  So if you want to learn how to skate come for a visit and lets have some fun!

    Mahalo.  Thanks for reading and taking some time to catch up.  Looking forward to all the adventures this winter break and looking forward to the new year 2017!!!  Greater things are yet to come.    

  Just want to say thanks to the New Hope Maui team, One Eighty, Jarred, Josh M., and the UHMC campus team.