Latest Newsletter Update:

Hey 1L Fam,
     We have lots of cool stories lately involving many meaningful conversations about the 1L of Jesus, 1L Discipleship Videos being used in big ways, and new leaders being resourced and equipped to #LiveOneLove.

We wanted to keep you posted about our travel plans for the summer with this short video. 

- Please be in prayer for June as we have our month of unpaid leave from Waipuna Chapel to do One Love Mission work.
- We are scheduled to speak in churches four Sundays in a row (Waipuna Chapel 6/2, Pleasant City 6/9, Element Church 6/16, & Hope Community Church 6/23) and also speaking at a youth camp in Charleston, SC while Unashamed Camp is happening on Maui.
- Please be in prayer for our family, Maui & Carolina Camps and 1L Life Groups at Maui skateparks while we are gone. 

Hope you enjoy this short video. We have lots of fun 1L Stories that we don't have time to share today, but would love to share more with you if you are interested! We would love to hear from you through e-mail, on our website, or on the phone! Thankful to be shoulder-to-shoulder with great people living 1L.

Grace & Peace,
Joshua & Nicole