July 2017 Summer Update from Sam: 

North Carolina

  Thank you all for the hospitality in North Carolina.  It was so exciting to meet and live life with the Shelby Crew at Hope Community Church and Putnam Baptist.  It was really refreshing to see the unity of God’s people come together to represent Him in the community and in their daily lives.  

  There seems to be a generation of passionate creative communicators for the Kingdom of God being raised up in that community.  I love the willingness of the church members to serve whole heartedly for the purpose of spreading the good news and seeing transformation happen through the power of God.  

  I love the leadership team in the different churches I was meeting, seeing their commitment to God and the the community God has placed them in really showed their daily lives that overflowed into all those that surrounded them.  

   I also enjoyed seeing the youth group at Hope worshiping God with all their heart in the different activities they were a part of.  They are paving the way for a refreshing exciting season.  

  I was so thankful for the different people I got to meet like Chandler, Skip, Kenny, Neil, Mark, Brodie, the One Love Skate Crew, Maddy, aunty Heidi, Rev, Blazer Skate Shop, Brian, Chick-fil-A..  :)  You guys are awesome thanks Josh for making this trip happen! 


  At the start of next week I will be doing a missions trip to Honduras in Central America.  This will be my second time going there and I am excited to see what will happen on this next adventure with God.  Last year I was able to go into 3 public schools and share with over 500+ youth.  We hosted a conference at our home church in TGU, prayed for healing in the hospitals, did some evangelism at the malls and university, and also got to help equip and empower the local leadership team our church is connected with their in Honduras.  

  Please pray for me as I go into yet another trip of proclaiming the good news of the gospel and the one love of God in the Nations.  Here are some photos from the last trip:  

   "But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us."   -Romans 8:37


Stay tuned on oneloveskate.org and whatisonelove.com for more info about the Maui Ladies 1L Discipleship that Sam helped us put together: