Excerpt from Sam P.'s June Update - North Carolina Trip
Investing into the One Love North Carolina Skate Crew
Inspiring continued collaboration in the church and community  
Using media as a platform for the good news
Auburn Flores flew in to Meet us
Check out:  www.oneloveskate.org

  "I have been doing skate boarding ministry for the past 10 years of my life.  It has been a childhood dream to lead skate teams across the world to share my passion of adventure, overcoming, and fun through skateboarding.  I went to North Carolina for a little over a week and got to dive deep into the community of Shelby to connect with our One Love Skate team.  Josh the founder of One Love Skate set up opportunities for me to share to churches, skate chapels, and weekly outreach events to the neighborhoods.  

  I got to speak to pastors, youth leaders, and coordinators that have been investing into the community and they were able to give me opportunities to share from my heart to their congregations, youth groups, and staff members.

  A few days in Auburn flew in and met Josh and I to create some cool videos for the website, share about past one love skate outreaches, and most of all play video games with us.  It was such a huge blessing to catch up with AJ (a past New Hope Maui intern) and reunite and share life together.

  It seemed like every corner there was opportunities to share a message to individuals about trusting in God and take the challenges to grow in faith.  

For me I was humbled to spend some time to pray with one of the lead church planters of that area.  I was able to share a word I felt that God wanted to say to him and as I was done praying he said it was like “hitting the nail with the hammer” in confirmations.  We got to talk about prophetic words and prayers and at the end of the conversation I felt affirmed that God’s spirt is alive and active and no matter who you are talking to we are all children of God.  

Josh and I had a very full week spending time with the skaters of Shelby and I felt like God planted many seeds/ ideas of hope, kindness, and vision to be more in God.  We went to 5 skate parks, had over 20+ skaters, and preached at three skate parks including the weekly Skate Outreach at the basketball courts on Wednesday afternoons. 

  Thank you all for reading my quick update.  There has been so many stories, experiences, and revelations everyday and I pray that you will continue to receive and activate all the treasures and gifts Father God has given and hidden for you to discover and use for His glory!"


Note: Please continue to lift up Sam as he considers some opportunities for International Missions in the immediate future.

Let's pray for "wisdom to know what is right and courage to do it" for Sam and for all of us as the Most High opens opportunities for us to live #OnMission all around the world!