If you have ever stood on top of a huge ramp or paddled in to a huge wave and chose to “drop in,” you know that transitions can sometimes be fun and sometimes be painful...

Recently, a friend of ours, Joshua Knipple, asked us to write about "Fear And Faith" for his new book. This process was great for us as we continue to work on our #LiveOneLove book. We came up with this Fear & Faith by Joshua and Nicole Marburger.pdf which we are also posting on this blog. View Fear & Faith File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwPBYk1RLn-HdXljc2EzOUxZYmM/view?usp=sharing


Joshua Marburger is a Pastor in Hawaii and Founder of the international discipleship ministry “One Love Skate” 501c3. He and his wife, Nicole, have been enjoying the ride together since meeting at North Greenville University in 2007 where they were first resourced and equipped to be “shoulder to shoulder with soldiers for the Kingdom.” They now have three boys and enjoy serving, speaking, and writing to help many experience the One Love of Jesus (1L). They work hard to provide resources to help as many people as possible #LiveOneLove as a positive presence in their communities through Life Groups and Discipleship.

Joshua & Nicole’s prayer and passion in life is to help resource and equip
disciples (1L Reps) to lead life groups at every skatepark in the world.

Marburger One Love prayer card #2 FRONT.jpg

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