So thankful to have a complete "One Love Skate Rep" Curriculum and discipleship process with 10 videos to help this ministry reproduce!

We've been posting 3 prayer requests every Monday, and we thank you for logging in and lifting us up! Check out yesterday's for details about recent 1L events in Maui and NC.

Here's a video we made yesterday for a 1L update. I know "it's a little crazy," but I'm thankful to enjoy the ride and share this update with you. Nicole said "it's just crazy enough." :) We are thankful for all we're learning during this season in NC and the clear ways God's hand is at work in Maui, Shelby, NC, and around the world. We're trusting Him as He guides us with some big changes that could happen in the next several months.

We have been challenged recently from a thought by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro in his book "The Irresistable Church" that the staff of Hope Community Church is reading through together. 

"People who live heart first overlook flaws and crooked teeth. They mentally and emotionally extend forgiveness to people who wrong them, even though that person may never actually come and ask for forgiveness. People who live heart first live with the freedom that comes from not holding a grudge. There's a lightness in their step, a spiritual buoyancy that comes from not carrying extra baggage" (Cordeiro, The Irresistible Church, 51).

May we live heart first as we enjoy the 1L of Jesus today!

Live One Love (1 John 4:9),