Hello everyone,
My name is Auburn Flores and I am a 1L skate pastor in Wyoming/Colorado. Mark Langford and I were the former skate pastors with Josh Marburger and Sam Peralta at Maui's Keopuolani skate park.

As you all know from posts and pictures I have been attending school at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. My goal with school is to obtain a Business Marketing degree and use it for nonprofits such as 1L. At first there was some struggles with the transition from Hawaii to Wyoming. It was difficult going from having such great resources like Mark, Josh, and Sam to help run and do things. Though through it all, God's calling is much greater.

During these past two years I have gotten involved with a local community group called the Friends of Laramie Skatepark. Through this skateboard community we seek to help kids develop their skill and desire for skateboarding. We meet every 1st Saturday of each month and host a Learn to Skate day. I have gotten to grow and build relationships with the Friends of Laramie skatepark group leaders. As well, as tons of local skateboarders in this area. This has really amplified my exposure to most of the skateboarders in the community. Over these past two years I would say I have consistently gone and built many relationships from all age levels. This has helped with sharing my love and passion for skateboarding along with my super passion and love for Christ.

I meet with 3 or 4 local skaters a few times a week to skateboard. During this time, I let the Holy Spirit use me to introduce the love of Jesus to them and explain who he is. Also, I find it important to help encourage them, and just simply love on them. Not everyone has been as receptive and accepting to the gospel but I have been seeing so much change in both the younger and older skaters. The attitudes have been going from super negative to a more positive vibe. There is a lot of poverty and broken families in this area so the more love they are receiving the more their hearts will soften up. In time, my goal with 1L in Wyoming and Colorado is to disciple some more skate pastors, share more about who Jesus is, get a regular bible study together and share about becoming involved with 1L skate outreach.

Last but not least, I want to quickly share about the skateboard contest that 1L help support. We recently hosted a skateboard comp Sept. 24th at the Laramie skatepark to help raise money for new features at the park.

We have raised over half of our  goal which is perfect for when we need the material in the summer of 2017. This project is for placing in a full pipe that was donated from the city and to help with more park expansions such as quarter pipes and street obstacles.

The love and support from OneLoveSkate Outreach has been phenomenal and has truly blessed us. It is bringing light to our skatepark and it is bringing local skateboarders together. I know in time God's plan for this park will grow over the skateboarders and more people can be exposed to the true 1L. Here are some prayer requests over this community. The idea of hosting bible studies, finding disciples, providing materials and funds for the expansion of our park, and for guidance, obedience and wisdom for me.

Thank you 1L,
Auburn Flores
Laramie Skate Pastor
#liveonelove #oneloveskate

We are stoked to be seeing "One Love Skate Reps" trainined through our 1L Discipleship Training.pdf. Like Auburn, we want to see more people rep the One Love of Jesus in their communities! Contact us if you know skaters that desire discipleship, and thanks for supporting our mission.