Aloha One Love Skate Family.  Im just so excited to see how God is moving through the ministry here at One Love throughout the world.

  Today I want to introduce you to our "For The Table" platform where we get to have discussions about life, meaning, and purpose at University of Hawaii Maui campus.  

Every Tuesday we get to talk to the college campus students about their beliefs about God, struggles, and identity.  We also get donations from the local grocery store where they provided a heap of baked goods for the students, as well as Wailuku Coffee Company donates Coffee for the whole campus every week!  

  We get to serve close to 100 people every Tuesday.  

We usually have an amazing core crew who comes by our table to catch up on life, have a fun chat, and for prayer.  

  Jared from "Aloha Ke Akua" clothing comes by and offers free stickers and a smile which makes the table extra special.  New Hope Maui crew is also there to provide extra spiritual support.  

  My favorite story is being able to practical meet the needs of the administration and faculty by providing student based community that is authentic and in the best interest of the school goals.  

  I have meet so many administrators, teachers, and staff members who are so grateful to have students on campus representing their faith and passion to preach the good word.  

  I personally have met so many new friends from this ministry and continue to do so  every time I show up.  That is my favorite part, being able to build community and represent God in a culturally sensitive and relevant way.  

  Next month from November 14-18 we are bringing the Ravi Zaharias International Team for a week of discussion and free lunch on campus.  I am so excited to see how things turn out and how many more opportunities will arise out of it.

  Please be praying for that week as we work with RZIM at UHMC and make it a powerful event.  

  Also please be in consideration for I am thinking about doing another trip to DPRK/ North Korea in February for a first ever snowboarding trip.  We will be sharing the sport of snowboarding to the country and I am hoping to go.  

  It is one of the more expensive tips that I do, so would like for you to think on supporting me on that one.  :)

  Thank you One Love family and I hope you get to experience the love of God everyday as it overflows in you and onto others.  
  I am so privileged to be a part of a bigger family overseas and excited with all the updates going on there in North Carolina.  Hope to see you guys soon, and hoping to visit!
-Sam P.