Serving the south side community today at the annual winter south Maui parks skate jam 2015. 

Every year it gets better and better. This year we had over 15 kids skating as a community having a blast. We even had a visitor family from Canada join us. 

Gave away over $1,000 worth of prizes and a bunch of complete skateboards!!! 

Serving the community in the most practical way by creating an experience these kids won't forget is the best feeling. 
I love that we get to collaborate with our county and see the heart they have to love our families here on the island. 


"Another fun South Maui Skate Jam. Mahalo to all the kids for joining us, and to SamPeralta of One Love Skate for leading the activities. See you all again in June" 

-South Maui Parks

  This may have been our 6th event with the South Maui county Parks and Rec.  Thanks to Todd and the gang for making it always a blast!  Thanks to Andy from Aloha skateboards coming down and making the participants this year feel extra special with the free sticker packs!  

  I feel we always have a good set up thanks to the team.  I find it comforting that Todd even thinks to bring little oranges sitting in ice for everyone to munch on.  

  My favorite part of the day was getting to teach lessons to the kids.  I got to spend time with a kid from canada and hoped his day felt extra special cause we learned how to drop the mini ramp!  Also a highlight for me was being able to see one of the girls that came last year making sure she didn't miss out.  Her mom said she they rushed over from practice and got dressed in the car trying to make it on time.  I was so blown away that they made the effort to come out.  

  Looking forward to the next one in June 2016!!!!

-sam pee