Big shout out to Hi Tech Maui.  Thanks to Davey giving us a chance to rep 1L at our very own local skate store.  

  I remember I bought my first skate board at Hi tech like 17 years ago.  It was a World Industries Board the one with the Flame dude on a lawn chair sipping on a martini.  I was so pumped to have my very own skate board.  

  Then right after I begged mom to get me the new Osiris D3 shoes.  But it was a little too expensive and my friends would have made fun at me.  So I bought cool looking Lakai shoes instead.  Do they make those anymore?

  Anyways please go and check out Hi Tech Skate section and tell them how stoked you are that they have 1L gear.

  More designs coming soon!


-Sam pee