This photo was taken by my friend Bridget from the Big Island in Hawaii.  This past summer I had the privilege to teach skateboarding and surfing in the DPRK aka (N.Korea).  

  It was a surreal day.  We got to the skate park in the main city of Pyongyang in the morning and stayed there for like 3 hours.  Every moment was so special.  From meeting the locals at the park, having a roller blading race, and skating the actual park the whole time was like an outer body experience for me.  I couldn't believe what I was doing or where I even was.  (Maybe it was the jet lag)

  Our friends from Ride Nature had a bunch of skateboards to give away from long boards to penny boards it was going like hot cakes.  We had lots of laughter the whole time we were there and felt such a unique bond between the locals and us foreigners.  At the end of the day everyone felt like family.   

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